Stand-alone Scopes

Stand-Alone Night Vision Scope


     The RNV stand-alone scope was developed to create a versatile, high-performance night vision scope that could be easily configured to the needs of the user. Our scopes have been used on anything from air to .30-06 rifles. With a lens like the Kowa and a T20 IR light, our scopes will perform well out to 300 yards. We've built systems capable of target identification as far as 1500 yards! In order to provide easy system customization,  our stand-alone scopes feature our Plug and Play (PnP) wiring system. PnP components are outfitted with a single wire carrying both power and video. All of our PnP components can be plugged into the hub on the back of the monitor, providing a clean secure connection. The PnP system makes it seamless to add a wide-angle spotter camera to the system. Paired with a PnP trigger switch, the view can be switched from wide-angle to zoomed in.

For a detailed tutorial check out RolaidsBench's YouTube Video by clicking here

 Stand Alone Night Vision ScopeTrigger Switch